Ban apology i will be better !give me a second chance`

Tn-game name: Chomp
Discord id . rfefrt#0068
Ban Reason: stealing of items from shulkers
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: unban
Apology: I will try to be good and follow the rules

Welcome to ban appeals section.

First of all, I’m really surprised that I’m seeing you after a few months from your ban. But since you’re here, let’s begin. As you said, your last offense was stealing mass amount of items which were not yours from a player in factions world, that’s why you were permanently banned.

I said “last offense” on purpose, because that was not the only reason that get you a forever ban, so I’m passing the mic to you to talk about which other rules you broke. But I’m glad you understood your mistake and decided to appeal.

yes i kild your anemals

I moved your reply to this place. Please do not create other topics and reply the last message I sent.

Okay, yes you killed a pet which was on my faction in factions world. But you’ve been banned for that already, and it was a temp ban. But a good point still, because it was a reason for you to be permanently banned.

Any other rules you broke before and after you got banned? Answer carefully by reading rules.

I teleported out of the request

I told you to not create seperate topics. Use Reply button to reply my message, do NOT create a seperate topic.

Reply button:

Yes, you did send /tpa requests in a level which was excessive and unnecessary to several people including me. The things you said from the start of the appeal are all correct, but there is one more important rule that you broke. I’ll put the rules link right here, so you can read the rules to find which other rule you broke.

Hint: It’s in another category of rules. NOT in faction, behaviour and general in-game rules.
Another hint: You didn’t break this rule alone, but also somebody else broke it together with you.