AUCTION Normal Enchanted Golden Apple

Items: Normal Enchanted golden apple
Starting price: None
Minimum bid requirement: 1k
Buyout price: none
Duration time: 3 days

I have the right to cancel the auction.




10k and 1 dollar

There is a minimum bid increment applicable. As WRAITH4031 bid 10k, you have to bid 11k as the minimum. For the time being WRAITH4031 is in the lead with 10k until any further bids.

Then…30k and 2k dollar

parth one more thing how many enchanted golden apples u r selling

dayum, im out of this. xD

1 for now

I consider that as a 32k bid

Invalid bid, Do NOT edit your posts on auction topics at all
This time it will be verbal warning, please read auction rules
READ BEFORE POSTING How to make an auction or bid

Ok and sorry for that




The last bid is invalid because the user is banned with appeal denied, Elect is currently winning with 33k

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Electrickery won!