**READ BEFORE POSTING** How to make an auction or bid

Welcome to the trade category. Ιf you wish to post an auction, create a topic with the format below and read the rules.

The format of the topic should be:

Starting price:
Minimum bid requirement:
Buyout price:
Duration time:

I have the right to cancel the auction.
(Remove if you don't want to reserve, since bidders can also retract their bids.)

Rules of auctions:

  1. Make sure to follow the same format.

  2. Duration time MUST be written 1h, 1d, etc. If no time exists, the auction is invalid and will be closed.

  3. DO NOT edit your post. If your auction is edited, it will be invalid and closed, doing this multiple times can get your account banned or suspended.

  4. Cancel reservation: Make sure to post “I have the right to cancel the auction” to be able to cancel your auction for any reason; however, this allows bidders to cancel their bids too.

    If you DO NOT reserve the right to cancel your auction, you will not be able to cancel after a person bids and you MUST sell to the highest bid, bidders CANNOT retract their bids either.

Rules for bidders:

  1. Do NOT edit your bid

  2. Only bid if you want the item(s), do NOT bid with the only purpose being to raise the price.

  3. Do NOT bid an amount higher than your current balance unless the auction owner agrees to take payment at a later time.

Multiple violations will get your account banned or suspended.