A loophole in faction plugin

In-game name: Electrickery
What happened: A loophole/bug in faction plugin, related with timing out leader
Coordinates (if applicable): N/A
Who you suspect and why: Many cases about this happened which I noticed, but I waited last night to see that to confirm that if a brand new player joining the faction just for its loot will be considered dominant over some older person/people. I didn’t try to loot that faction with the help of my officers by the same way just to confirm this and also including all staff, the thing we knew is oldest person gets the leadership if current leader times out, if ranks are same in the faction, that’s how it should happen, that’s how it is fair. I think everybody who is reading this does agree with me. So in conclusion, I don’t suspect anybody because it is the plugin’s fault. But this is a severe loophole which can make any rightful crown prince who was loyal to faction for a lot time sad and aggrieved, to lose the leadership to a looter who knows this loophole and trying his/her luck instead of reporting this.
Screenshots and evidence: Just checking GlobalArmy logs will be helpful to understand the problem in the plugin, and eliminating this unfair advantage of joining open factions while there are older people than you in that faction but still getting the leadership somehow, the problem is "a newer person getting the leadership, not “a person joining a faction and getting the leadership”. Because there isn’t any rules which avoids it to be done, and I’ve done this with help of my friend once, but the difference was there was only the last person other than us. That’s the fair game, yes. But the things I’ve been seeing is not a fair game, which actually means that I could join that faction at previous leader’s last seconds of leadership and still have chance to get a slice of cake from there. It is also unfair for the first arriver who used this strategy.

  1. Joining a faction requires an invite unless you set the open flag.
  2. Faction leadership passes via rank, so it passes to an officer, if none is found, then member, if none is found, then recruit.

This behavior is pretty old and was also there in TE, and it isn’t always necessary that the oldest player is always the most trustful. If you don’t want it to happen, keep active officers around to take the leadership and/or don’t make your faction open.

Technically this functionality could be implemented however it’s seriously low on priority because the only faction this is helpful to is an open faction with no officers, an inactive leader and a tiny number of members. Maybe we will do it but it’s low on priority.

Yes, it is a rare occasion on looting a faction but I meant in general, even if a faction is closed, this hierarchy inside must be valid too, in my opinion. I can understand there are many priorties before this thing but in my opinion this one is something which is important too. Also important on the leadership gets passed to the oldest officer in the faction, not just about recruits.

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