32294 - Xray - ImNotFurryBoi

In-game name: ImNotFurryBoi
Discord ID: ImNotFurryBoi#2154
Ban Reason: Xray
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading: No
Apology: im sorry i will never cheat or exploit again


Its good that you’ve admitted you did it. To make this clear if you ever get banned for a cheat/exploit again it would be much harder to appeal, and theres a extremely high chance you wouldn’t get unbanned a 2nd time.

Since you’ve been banned for xray, you’ll need to tell me all of the items you got unfairly and what you did with them. You will also need to reread the rules. After you’ve read the rules you need to tell me which ones you have broken to confirm you know what you’ve done wrong here. Rules:

I read the rule
and i cheated with only xray and all the item i got was ancient debris, i wont do it again
I will deal with all the consequences if i get

I’ve destroyed all of the illegal stuff you have mined from your inventory, echest, and storage in your faction. You getting off easy this time for admitting it and following along properly; however, just a reminded if you ever get banned for hacks again you will likely not be able to appeal it.