In-game name:the_lord_of_sun
Discord ID:AloKöfte#4076
Ban Reason: Bullying
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: False Ban
Apology: Sorry for what have explode things and houses

One time i got griefed by another guy in factions but the name title was ‘‘phandungene’’ soo i blowed his house and things that he made soo im sorry for what have i done and i want False Ban if admins allow


That’s not your actual ban reason, but that’s rather unimportant. You’ve done a lot more than just blow up a single person’s house.

While being mad at someone for destroying your stuff is understandable, doing the same back is not acceptable. The proper response is to make a report and let staff revert the damage that was caused and punish the player accordingly. But you also blew up a second house later and then reported yourself for it, which I find rather funny tbh. Is this related to the first house you blew up or not at all? What was your motivation this time?

You also spammed #help-chat after your temp-ban and I heard from another player you also did some spamming in chat as well (although I haven’t had time to look for it yet). Either way, spam of any form is unacceptable.

I have also heard of other things you have did, although i’m not going to list every one you did or I’d he here for a while. But i listed the most important ones. I will mention one last thing though. I originally just wanted to talk to you to figure out why you did it and to clear up some things, but your response was “Fuck this server” among other things such as saying you can find another server to play on easily. This is in no way an appropriate response, and you probably wouldn’t be here had you just provided the information I was going to ask for.

You’re going to have to give me a good explanation and reason why I should let you back now, especially after what you said. As I see it now, if I let you back, you’ll probably continue doing stuff that is against the rules, especially after your statement of “I can do whatever i want”. You’re going to need to convince me otherwise.

i was drunk that time and i dont want to be rude but i just only blowed one house
so you guys need to check it if i send me screen shot and i will not communicate with one of you again ok?

and im saying it again but i was drunk i had soo much thing that ive going through this year

I was going to wait for Ast to tell me what you griefed the first time, but he hasn’t responded so he’s probably busy with life stuff. But we have a lot of other stuff to still talk about, so we’ll just come back to it later…

For the second grief (the one where you reported yourself), you were already send a screenshot of a log of you placing the tnt in the report itself. But in case you want to see it again:

Now for your claim of being drunk… I looked back and i’m going to be honest I didn’t see where you misspelled anything the entire night. You were rather aggressive, which is another thing that drunk people do, so I won’t completely rule out that you were drunk. But I expect more mistakes or slurring of words from an actual drunk person.

I am glad you dropped the story of “it was my brother” after saying it in the report. I purposefully didn’t bring it up again to see if you’d continue with the same excuse. I don’t think anyone would believe that it was your brother anyway. But do know that changing your story makes me more sus about your new claim.

You haven’t commented on my mention of spam from the last post (i’m still waiting for a response). Also, since you were banned, in a report it was found that you also kill multiple of Phantom_MC’s mobs. So yet again, we have a third case of griefing. What was your motivation this time?

I am now curious what other rules you may have broken, so please read the rules and tell me what other rules you broke if there is any:

Now on to what you said in a forum DM. I sent you the ban appeal rules earlier, so I don’t feel like mention that again, but if you DM me again then i’ll just deny your appeal next time. As for what you said, I do not have anything personally against you. But if you feel I do then you can ask for someone else to manage your appeal, but I don’t think you’ll like the result of that.

You also claimed this is a false ban. Fun fact, saying something is a false ban does not make it a false ban and does not get you unbanned right away. You were banned to figure out why you reported yourself and for the other rules that you broke. If your not going to take accountability, then change will never happen and I’m just wasting my time here.

İm sorry for what have i done but x-ray was an accident beacuse i didnt read the forums soo that was an accident but everything i exploded and destroyed wasnt an accident so i can fix everything but you wont accept me i can give you guys a promise to never do anything bad again

Did you even read my whole post?

I specifically asked for your motivation in killing those animals, and i’m still waiting on a response to you spamming in #help-chat.

I also need to know what you xray-ed now too.

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İ X-rayed 1 stack of diamond thats all. Oh for the motivation for killing mobs is for public food chest there are so many chickens right now. And in the mobs in the mrcshop is for the mod head i tried to get them by killing but it went wrong…

What did you do with that stack of diamonds?

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Selled them. And for spamming into chat i put a little happy thing but didnt know it was spam (btw this is what i spammmed)

˚∧_∧ + —̳͟͞͞💗
( •‿• )つ —̳͟͞͞ :heartpulse: —̳͟͞͞:heartpulse: +
(つ < —̳͟͞͞💗
| _つ + —̳͟͞͞💗 —̳͟͞͞💗 ˚
Meow love

Theres this spam too

But thats besides the point. I ofc went to verify what you said, and i couldn’t find logs of you breaking any diamond ore or deepslate diamond ore in factions and a total of one in mines. One diamond ore cannot drop 64 diamonds with vanilla items. We also have an antixray that basically prevents xray entirely.

You did not xray anything. I wanted you to tell the truth, not make up a story. I have a feeling you’ve lied about a considerable amount of stuff and i do not take kindly to lieing.

I cannot trust anything you’ve said is true. I cannot trust that you will change.

~ Appeal denied ~