Yeah i dont think so. bye - 32294 Ban Appeal

In-game name: SalwyrrLauncher
Discord ID: Username: Hecker2 Tag: #0107
Ban Reason: yeah i dont think so. bye - 32294
Plead: Guilty or Innocent: Innocent
Reason for pleading: Its a false ban, i dont really know what yeah i dont think so. bye - 32294 is ment to mean either.
Apology: Im sorry for doing whatever ive done and i will never do it again i promise.

Just for the record…


As hot as nicely saved me the work of showing above… Your definitely not innocent. Honestly I didn’t expect someone being toxic like you to appeal, be here we are.

You ask for a rank and then insult an admin when they said no. Then when they warn you, and you end up swearing at them. Please tell me what you expected to happen?

With someone like you if I unban you its extremely likely that you will continue this toxic behavior. So tell me, why should I? Because I sure don’t see a reason why I should even consider it at this point.


They didn’t respond… I think killed them on accident.