WorldEdit Request

We’d like to have our faction land, -672 / 62 / 124 to -754 / 62 / 68 (from one corner to the other corner) to be made into an island out of sand. It is currently completely water and would be nice if it were to be turned into complete island. Therefore I request that the coordinates to be filled with sand. Thanks in advance!
In-game name: atty
Faction: cousins

I can fill it with sand yes, but part of your selection is in wilderness. we do not preform WE on wilderness, so please claim it or edit which section you want to fill.

I wanted to claim an exact square but just a small part of it has stayed in the wilderness. Is it possible to just fill our faction land with sand? We can later do the rest as we claim further. We just need an area to build on. It’ll be good we have fun projects :slight_smile: Because I don’t know which chunks are exactly out in the Wilderness even though they’ll be claimed later on.

So here’s the thing I just recalculated and reclaimed all the land so it is an even shape and no chunks are unclaimed, but you need to understand that because it is only water I have to navigate using a boat therefore it is a bit hard to claim, if I made a mistake just skip those parts but please fill in the rest. New coordinates are: -762 / 62 / 127 -688 / 62 / 64

Can you please refer to my teammates Password change request Password Reset
he needs help too, thanks!