WorldEdit Request: Avalon Revitalization Project

Avalon is declining, and so I as a leader plan to reduce the overall faction size and make single island for tidiness. It is hard to keep recruiting to keep faction power to not on an overclaimed status. I hope with combining all structures in one place it could reduce the faction power burden in the future. For the future I think I would try to recruit but just several members and not the full faction capacity. In achieving those target I would humbly ask the staffs to help me with this WE request:

In-game name: Godfather292
First position coordinates: 225 63 -17
Second position coordinates: 269 105 -47
What to do? Move so the corner placed on -3408 63 -2511 and the gate face the east

First position coordinates: -3564 89 -2383
Second position coordinates: -3513 48 -2332
What to do? Move so the corner placed on -3519 78 -2400 and the gate face the west

And lastly please make a circular disc (its even so make 4 to make even numbered circle), with diameter of 56 (from the point til the bordermost of claimed land) with stone material.
Coordinate 1: -3464 150 -2456
Coordinate 2: -3464 150 -2455
Coordinate 3: -3463 150 -2455
Coordinate 4: -3463 150 -2456

Thank you very much for your help in advance.
Have a good day!

I am confused where exactly you want the first one moved, if I paste it so it matches ground level, the wood section deletes the top of the dark prismarine towers that are in the hole and if I move it above it looks weird.

You put the bottom of the selected section so its on the coordinate given, and yeah it would look weird as I plan to make like a rock above the sea water as an island and those structures will be like a bit submerged. I am online right now so I can help with explaining it onsite

Done, please confirm everything is where you actually wanted it to be and if theres anything else you want done now that everything has been moved please add that here to.

For the prismarine shop its correct, but for the circular tower, although the orientation is right, its outside of the faction claimed land, its corner supposedly match the border of the claimed land above the guardian farm. To avoid hitting the stone brick structure just put it higher a bit than the stone brick structure, if it pass the dirt pile near the stone brick structure its fine. For the circular stone disc, I mean to fill the entire disc not just like donuts. Could you please correct this again? Much appreciated.

Update: I try to measure the locations for the tower on the newly made circular stone disc, and I found its not symetrical, might be miscalculation on making the circle diameter from the central point, could you please also fix this? Again thank you for your help as the build is ultra sensitive on those calculations or it wont fit on the island

I made the disc be at the new center point you marked, but still unsure where you want the other moved… some corner blocks marking where its suppose to go would be helpful.

I have put a 2 high sand as the marking for the corner in where the circular tower should go, I hope it helps, please put the bottom of the circular tower on the mark near guardian farm, so its elevated above the dirt pile, thank you.

Still waiting the last worldedit for the circular tower :grin:

I apologize, currently doing final projects and exams for college. I’ll look on Saturday, should have time then.

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please confirm i’m understanding this correctly

Yes but see my initial post, so that the lowest point of the selection is placed on top of the dirt pile.

First position coordinates: -3564 89 -2383
Second position coordinates: -3513 48 -2332
What to do? Move so the corner placed on -3519 78 -2400 and the gate face the west

Please refer this selection on intial post for the blocks moved

I think its in the right spot this time

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Yes it is, thank you very much

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