World Edit Request

In-game name: Cortez442
First position coordinates: 463, 63, 16
Second position coordinates: 304, 32, 175

What to do? (clear, fill, move): please clear down to level 32, and please include the grass block that covers the hole. I’ll make sure to build some kind of wall/fence to avoid players from falling.

Thank you!

Please build the wall/fence first and then reply here.

I’ll clear it after you do

Done making a temp wall (wall will improve during the building progress), also changed my faction description, to alert other players too.

Thank you!

Done, but there was some floating terrain above parts of the selection. Would you like that removed as well?

also you need to make a fence on the back too now, but i didn’t notice until i was done.

Thank you so much!

Will take care of the rest for now :D, you may now close this topic :smiley:

Just so you know, you should be able to close a topic as long as you started the topic.