World Edit Request

In-game name: Ryoin

Left Side
POS1: X:47.503 / Y:66 / -736.195
POS2: X:-15.615 / Y:56 / -720.386

Back side
POS1: X:0.569 / Y:66 / -720.386
POS2: X:-15.471 / Y:56 / -799.291

Right Side
POS1: X:0.560 / Y:66 / -799.506
POS2: X:46.933 / Y:56 / -783.400

NOTE: It’s intentional that the Y: is 56

What to do? (clear, fill, move): Clear

Here’s the chunks of my faction and I highlighted the chunks in blue that is to be cleared. If there’s anything confusing, please do let me know. Thank you. I can hop on the server if needed as well for realtime answers.

x and z coordinates being posted in fractions doesn’t mean anything at all, because pos1 and pos2 we choose are blocks. I did the clearing operation by the help of your descriptive image, if there is anything further let me know here.


I messed up something, but don’t worry nothing was gone. I forgot to include that the structures that was left behind on top of the chunks was not included on the clearing operation. I missed to include that on the initial request.

If you could clear the structures left behind by inactive players, I would really appreciate it. If not, no worries!



I removed the structures above and cleaned up the hole a bit, all of the walls and the floor is pure stone now so no holes you can fall in.

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