World Edit Request

In-game name: Cortez442
First position coordinates: 447, 62, 32
Second position coordinates: 320, 62, 159
What to do? (clear, fill, move): Please CLEAR down to level Y:30

Thank you!

Still have some stuff here.
Remember what happened in this request because the requester forgot stuff below the area that’s going to be cleared.

WorldEdit request

We don’t have to warn you guys about this but I decided to be a nice man and felt like giving a little warning on this. Make sure to check nothing is on the area that you want the WorldEdit to be performed. Item/block/structure loss due to posting wrong pos1 and pos2 without checking the things that you don’t want to get lost will NEVER be rollbacked and under your responsibility. Be sure about the area that needs to be cleared and reply us on here.

Have a great day

All set, those things are not mine but already taken care of,
thanks for the reminder.

my things are all good and safe above the island, I am ready to continue the WE.

Thank you! :smiley:

Cleared, also set walls/floor to all stone because we will not expose ores for players to mine.

Set any air on the grass layer above it to grass to avoid people falling in on accident (please be careful to not keep holes in it).

It doesn’t matter to much but, in future we generally like you to put the y30 value in the 2nd pos rather than instructions (for example 320, 30, 159 instead of 320, 62, 158 for the 2nd position.

Enjoy :3