World edit request (water for gfarm)

In-game name: Stark
First position coordinates: -2913 / 38 / 3806
Second position coordinates: -2975 / 63 / 3807
What to do? (clear, fill, move): Fill water

I finished gfarm mechanism. Now it need water between 38-63 height. I didn’t use fences. Now I only need water. Other things are ready. Thank you for everything.

as i told you last time, we will not create floating water for players, which is why i suggested using fence gates.

oh ok. In that case can you put fences at 37 height? Cos it is really hard to build it. Last time I work on it 3 days or If it is not possible, can I ask you to put 1 layer of soil at 36 height. So I can lay fence gates on them.

Fences are not in the approved list, but i will put dirt

Ok thank you. When I finish fences,I will open a request for water. Thanks

Thanks for water. :slight_smile:

it is done. Thanks for everything.

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