World edit request for new gfarm

In-game name: Stark
First position coordinates: -2913 / 31 / 3806
Second position coordinates: -2975 / 63 / 3807
What to do? (clear, fill, move): Clear,fill

Hi,I found an ocean temple.

1st request is: pls can you clear all things between 0-63 height at my 4x4 gafarm area
2nd request is can you cover all four sides (walls) and top with white concrete?
3rd request is pls can you put water between 30-63 height for guardian spawning area.
and my last request is can you put only 1 layer soil at 29 height, because I don’t want the guardians to kill me while I build the ice sheet. I will break that layer of soil easily with a shovel after when I’ll finish ice sheet.

Thank you very much in advance. Stark

I have cleared the hole, filled it with water, and set the walls to stone instead of white concrete.
When it comes to world edit requests we have a very limited selection of blocks you can request to be filled (white concrete is not in the list and you can view the list on the page that has the request format).

Please let me know if it’s right or if anything else is needed

Thank you very much .And sorry I wrote 30-63 when I should have written 35-63. Stone is good. .But I need is to have a layer of 1 space between the soil layer and the water layer. Otherwise, when I break the soil to open the farm after the construction is completed, water will spill. So exactly 63-35 height: water , 34 height : space , 33 height : 1 layer of soil , 32-5 height : space(needs to be cleaned for building killing zone and ice sheet.) I would appreciate it if you cover the gfarm top with stones. (height 64). I know I’m asking for a lot. I’m sorry for making you tired. Thank you so much.

We will not create glitched floating water for you. Instead, you will want to place fence gates below where the water will be…

If you want, the water can be removed again for you to place them yourself and have the water back after.

Oh ok. In that case if you clear everything (water,stones,soils) between 5-63 height it is ok for me. I’ll do all other things.Fences,water… Thank you.

Done, make another request when your done with the fence gates if you want me to put the water back.

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