Wanting too come back - the_lord_of_sun

In-game name: the_lord_of_sun
Discord ID: alokofte
Ban Reason: Exploding house in a Faction
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading:I read the rules 3 times and cleaned my self (from inside)
Apology: Hello Mythic Mods,
Yes this is my 3 topic but im promising from deep of my heart i wont do it again you guys are sick of me i know it but i did this for fun i didnt rode the rules and i was banned i searched for other servers but i couldnt find a one this good they were all dead so if your unbanning me i promised i will never do an illegal thing again but if you guys are not accepting it i wont try harder any more

Appeal already denied do not make more accounts or appeal again