VIP Rank Overhaul


With this post, I’d like to show what I think the Vip could/should look like if we gave it a revamp.


I recently realised, that I do not find the Vip currently being offerend in the Mythic store very enticing. (Mind you I do have it, but purely to support the server). If we improve the Vip offers, we could not only make more money to keep the server alive for longer, but we could potentially attract more players, and grow as a communtiy overall.


Suggested Vip Ranks:ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ(click them to expand)

Vip ㅤ •ㅤLvLㅤ•ㅤ1ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ $9.99

Vip Title: Blue ingame title and Discord role
Fly: 60 Minutes of /tempfly
Personal Weather: /pweather
Virtual Crafting Table: /craft
Canon: /kittycannon and /beezooka
Block Hats:/hat

Svip ㅤ•ㅤLvLㅤ•ㅤ2ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ $19.99

Includes all perks from Vip.

SVip Title: Blue ingame title and Discord role
Fly: 60 Minutes of /tempfly
Day and Night Changer: /ptime
Shoot Fireworks: /fw
Extra Warps: 2x player warps
Set your own home: /sethome and /home
Costmetic Chest: Normal treasure (worth $1.99)

MVPㅤ•ㅤLvLㅤ•ㅤ3ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ $49.99

Includes all perks from Vip & Svip.

MVP Title: Blue ingame title and Discord role
Fly: 60 Minutes of /tempfly
Vanish: Go invisable to everyone else with /v
Extra Warps: 2x player warps
Costmetic Chest: Mythical treasure (worth $6.99)
Creative Mode (Hear me out! See the bottom of the post in regards to this)

!! Creative Mode Disclaimer !!
In regards to adding creative mode:
To start off please read the following quote regarding selling entitlements from

Therefore, if you comply with and follow the Brand and Asset Guidelines and Naming Guideline above, YOU MAY:

• sell entitlements that affect gameplay provided that they do not adversely or negatively another player’s experience and provided they do not give a competitive gameplay advantage. A competitive gameplay advantage is something that, given identical skill levels, time investment, and circumstances, can cause one player or group to perform better than another.

o Be aware that certain games or game modes can be designed as non-competitive
(such as a player-versus-environment (PvE) game) and become competitive by adding
gameplay elements such as a leaderboard.

In order to negate creative mode giving players a competitive advantage I would implement the following:

• Blocks Placed in creative will not drop when mined (Like the Plugin TE had, more on this later)

• Creative blocks/items cannot be dropped

• Separate Inventories

• Restricted Blocks/Items (to prevent advantage):

➞ Containers:
Storage is an essential part of Minecraft and not needing to use resources to craft these items would be unfair.
(Chests, enderchest, droppers, dispensers, hoppers, shulkers, furnaces, brewing stands, barrels)

➞ Redstone Components:
Having ‘free’ redstone would also be unfair, as farms and other usefull machines can be built this way.
(Redstone block, Redstone dust, redstone torch, redstone repeater, redstone lamp, compatator, daylight sensor, rails of all kinds, observer, note block, slime block, tripwire hook, TNT, minecarts, pistons, sticky pistons, target block)

➞ Other:
This is just a list of items and blocks which don’t fall under any other category.
(Beacons, diamond blocks, gold blocks, iron blocks, anvils, conduit, turtle egg, all mob eggs and heads, saplings and all items that grow once placed, bonemeal, lava bucket, dragon egg, endportal frame, obsidian, flint and steal)
These restrictions would allow users to purely build in creative. All the expensive redstone components would need to be gathered and placed in survival mode. Same goes for beacons and conduits. You would still need to get saplings and bonemeal in survival mode to grow trees for wood.
I understand that this would be a custom plugin as the one used on TE was custom. This would be a lot of work, but I believe that giving those dedicated enough to buy or earn their way to MVP a way to take their factions and shops to the next level (Aesthetically) would keep more users engaged over longer periods of time.
This would result in not only a greater retention of current players, but also a way to promote the economy within Factions and give new players a goal to work towards. (I remember back on TE all I ever grinded for was MVP, so that I could build freely)

Suggested Subscription Tiers:ㅤㅤ(click them to expand)


Subscription Tier 1
➜ Dark aqua ingame name tag
➜ 5 Minutes of /tempfly daily
➜ Normal treasure (worth $1.99)
➜ Highly customizable /fw
➜ /fly in hub/mines/games
➜ /anvil, /cartographytable, /loom, /stonecutter (hub/fac/creative/mines)
➜ /skin (resets when Sub expires)
➜ 5 extra /ah slots (Total of 10 slots)


Subscription Tier 2
➜ Light purple ingame name tag
➜ All from Tier 1 (Higher perk used not combined)
➜ 10 Minutes of /tempfly daily
➜ Mythical treasure (worth $6.99)
➜ /skin wont be cleared after Sub expires
➜ /lay and /crawl
➜ /grindstone (hub/fac/creative/mines)
➜ Colorful pms
➜ 10 extra /ah slots (Total of 10 slots)


  • Income Potential
  • Server Growth
  • Happy Members who have something to grind towards


  • Effort

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