[!]v1 Iron Golem Head Auction, Last One For Sale[!]


Items: v1 Iron Golem Head
Starting price: None
Minimum bid requirement: None
Buyout price: None
Duration time: Feb 12 2023, 12:00 PM(noon) GMT +3

I hold all the rights to cancel this auction.

My first bid of 50k, SIUU

60k UwU.ggggggg

This is an automated message.

110k Cola is better than Pepsi

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All hail banana lord

no your ass

120k Lovu you all

130k,drink water

140k i didnt shower 2 months

180k pepsi > coke

pepsi shit end of convo

no its better than coke, just agree the FAX!

202k and 1 cent
i drink water

I agree on that one with you

Auction duration time is over. Congratulations to Joker297 on winning the auction. Awaiting payment now.