Two WorldEdit request

First place WE
In-game name: MaryMiracle
First position coordinates: -463/ 77/ -63
Second position coordinates: –432/46/-32
What to do? : Move build up 10 blocks and also rotate the house, so the entrance faces east

(The entrance is facing north right now)

Gray blocks are the marker, red wool should be where it will be moved to.
The build is small but there’s underground stuff.

Second place WE
First position coordinates: –525 /69/ 127
Second position coordinates: -480 / 90 / 98
New posititon coordinates: -465/69/144
What to do? : Move and rotate art shop. There are red wools as markers to help. Can you also connect the safe zone pathway to the shop doorway and dig out the dirt that will be blocking the shop/building.

(Don’t worry about the road. I will rebuild the road that got drag along in the w.e)

Done, please tell me if anything is incorrect, otherwise i’ll close this in a few days.

it’s perfect thank u

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