Trident Bought and lost

the_lord_of_sun bought a Trident @ /warp mrcshop it came in inventory then dissipated about 20 min ago

Update I refunded the money and they bought another trident all I could do but if you could please look it to what happened it would be appreciated thanks

What do you mean by dissipated?

I got told they bought a Trident it was in there inventory then just dissipated out of the inventory I don’t know if it was a scam to get money back or to get a second trident but I was in the mines when it happened so I’m just telling you what I was told by the player I have no other information but I refunded the money and they bought another trident I just like to know what happened for sure thanks oh yes I did see the purchase of the first one that so Called got lost some how and seen the purchase of the second one so yes they bought it

Sorry, I have been busy preparing for fall semester of college.

It took a bit of digging but it does seem that the trident actually just disappeared. I have no idea why, but I have put a trident back in your chest to replace the one that disappeared.