/trade and /chest bug

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Step 1: use /trade on someone
  • Step 2: open /chest and click or select any items (do not put the items down to any slots) before they accept your request
  • Step 3: tell the other person to accept the trade
  • Step 4: any of you to cancel the trade
    Expected results: Items not going anywhere or will just drop
    Actual results: Items clicked or selected by cursor gone
    Which Minecraft server world (if applicable): Faction
    Attachments + Additional notes: I lost my mending neth pickaxe due to this

This is hard to solve because of Minecraft being weird with items in cursor.

{Type: NETHERITE_PICKAXE Name: yum yum Enchantments: [minecraft:efficiency:5,minecraft:mending:1,minecraft:silk_touch:1,minecraft:unbreaking:3] Repair Cost: 7 Amount: 1 Durability: 1333}

Is this your pickaxe?

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yep that is my pickaxe

Restored it to your inventory.
As for the bug, I don’t think there’s much we can do about these occurences but will try to see what can be done.

ok thank you very much! i have got it.
best of luck to you.