Toxicity even after verbal warn - Hotlava03

In-game name:Ow_Johny
Discord ID: Giannhsssssss#6914
Ban Reason: Toxicity in chat
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I am Guilty, my behaviour was toxic and I would like a second chance.
Rules broken:Avoid excessive swearing and keep the chat civil.
Apology: I Did not really expect to see myself in ban appeals, but I guess I lost control. I made a mistake, I failed to keep the peace in chat for everyone else and probably devastated their peace as well. I failed to keep my cool when I needed it and I failed to follow some rules, and I had gotten a warning or 2 for such behaviour before. I failed to listen, but this time it will not be the same. I plead guilty for such actions and I want to ask for one more chance. I will try my best to make this not happen again, to not lose my cool like that, and I will try my best to become a better person within the community. I really miss some people I used to talk to, and I didn’t appreciate how fun survival actually was for me. I Made several mistakes regarding my behaviour, but I wish I was given a second chance. If you decide to give me a second chance I would really appreciate it. I am sorry, not only to you, but to everyone my toxic behaviour affected/offended. It won’t happen again. Also If I have forgotten to mention the slightest thing, please let me know. Peace. -John

Hey, Johny.

Let me begin with your previous offenses.
October the 2nd 2020 you were temp-banned for being “way too offensive” by Astelon_, which may have been pretty much a year ago, but was still part of your history.
9th of this month you were verbally warned for extreme levels of toxicity, and you’re really lucky you weren’t permanently banned right there. It’s very clear the benefit of the doubt was given to you in that situation in specific, and it looks like it didn’t end there.
One day later (even though no warning was issued as it wasn’t worth so) you were involved in survival drama again.
And finally, your latest, and the reason for the issued ban, your toxicity levels crossed the line again, in survival too.

To keep this simple I won’t show logs of your chats yet unless you really force me to. But since you’re guilty, I can assume that will not be necessary.

I Did not really expect to see myself in ban appeals, but I guess I lost control.

Well, it’s ironic for you to say that. When players are toxic, I see myself forced to check recent chat logs, and for privacy reasons, I won’t show the PM right here – However, you explicitly sent in this PM, right after FrostyBilly_'s ban, something along the lines “how am I still here”, which does show you expected a ban.

I failed to listen, but this time it will not be the same.

Let’s see if you deserve a third chance. All your previous offenses are related to toxicity levels, so we’ll see how this goes.

With all of this said, I’d like you to explain if your toxicity levels rose because of a lack of conscience at that moment, or if you simply didn’t care. Honesty is appreciated.

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I will answer this right away. It was because of my lack of conscience. I was provoked, one way or another and that is a legit issue I have which im trying to fix. Like I stated, I had lost control which if im correct means lack of conscience in the moment. Give me one more chance, and I promise you this shall never happen again but however if it does do not hesitate to take immediate action. You were just doing your job. I would never want to be banned from such server, I did and do care, just please understand that that is a legitimate issue for me too and I will do whatever to just not pop up in your reports again. Like I stated I will try my best to become a better person in the community. Take care. Im sorry yet again. Im guilty. Also I had realized I had messed up in the last second, I may add which is why that msg occured, because of the previous drama. Truly my mistakes.

At some point I expect people to tell me to shut up about this, but I’ll repeat it as much as I need to. Whenever you are provoked, don’t allow it to make you respond with insults, or whatever your state of mind feels like. Report the person or privately report them if you wish to remain anonymous. As cliché as this may sound, it really is the only way to deal with these situations. Otherwise, we end up here.

Toxicity is absolutely not tolerated in Mythic. This is supposed to be a friendly community. The idea of a factions-focused server is to find other players and create in-game friendships, for everyone to have a fun time.
Toxicity is the exact opposite as to why this kind of community exists. I personally understand why survival (and PvP) are more vulnerable to it given the circumstances, but from what I’ve seen (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong as well, I won’t punish someone for having an opinion if it isn’t disrespectful, that’d be pure hypocracy), they are being used to bring external (and sometimes personal) issues and beefs/dramas into a PvP fight to, I assume, find out “who’s better” for whoever the winner is to feel better about themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is perfectly fine, and I am no one to judge, but from experience, these are very likely to go downhill. If this happens that often, I’m afraid this kind of ban will be more common than it already is. I’m just giving you possible reasons why your promise may be fragile and break after something as simple as this.

I have no intentions of keeping this long, so I will end it right here.

This is your last chance in this kind of offense. I hope it is clear.
Fine, I’ll repeat it for you.
It’s your last chance.

But that shouldn’t be an issue for you at all. If you did promise that we’ll not need to see each other again in this appeals section, you have nothing to fear. Think twice before you decide to speak in chat after someone provokes you.

I will be temp-banning you for two days to keep it fair with pertg who was banned for the same reason temporarily due to the nonexistence of previous offenses of the type.

If you have any further questions, my DMs are always open in Discord: Lava#4360.