Too many accounts per person - Astelon_

In-game name: Cortez442
Ban Reason: Too many accounts per person - Astelon_
Plead: Guilty or Innocent: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I knew this day will come, and it is because of two other accounts “Karuya and Devil_jhin” these two other accounts are owned by my siblings. I got two brothers each of them has their own accounts. We only have one computer that we used to play games.

Apology: I am so very sorry about this, my mistake is not letting you guys know about us and for not using the proper way to get an additional account. if i am not mistaken i read the rules before, it says 1 account per person, so i just disregard the process of adding/request an account for myself.
the three of us used to play at TeamExtreme before. I don’t know how to prove this but I am telling the truth. I am sorry for being irresponsible. please forgive me.

So you’re saying devil_jhin is another of your sibling? Curious, I’ll have to look more into it.

In the meantime, it looked very much like you were the one keeping the karuya account from timing out. Mind explaining that?

Yes, devil_jhin is my youngest brother.

I do check if karuya is about to timeout or not, and if the time that he is about to timeout is near. I always talk/tell to him to login so the timer will restart. there are times that he missed. So what i did is just sent him an invitation and let him join to the faction, since we are only using one computer we cant login at the same time. So, right after i sent him an invitation, i will tell him to login and join the faction. we used to played together before with kero(who is already inactive for months now). back when our laptop can still manage to play with minecraft before the 1.18 update, which force me to buy a computer with better specs to continue playing minecraft. and I can only afford one.

and the reason why, he is on my faction, it is because of his power, even that he is not that active, he can still help me by lending his power for me to avoid overclaimed land.

Bump bump bump,

I haven’t been able to find much of what happened with devil_jhin. If you don’t mind telling me the story, in particular how did karuya get unbanned but not him.

after the shutdown of TeamExtreme Server, my two brothers who loved play Raidlands keeps on looking for a server that has a similar vibes like T.E.

and if I am not mistaken, they do have contacts with some old T.E players that is trying to revive/create a similar server like Raidlands. which ends them to found MythicMc.

if my memories are correct, I think devil_jhin was the one who first played on this server then he invited karuya, (but I guess that time, it only allows one account per I.P). So, what karuya did is he pm’ed one of the staff to request an account for himself, there was no forum that time so it was done via Discord and because of a help of a staff he was able to register (I dont know the name of the staff).

then way back 2020 our computer broke due to overheat, that makes them not able to login and play and also the time I decided to join the server using my laptop. So what I did is I requested an account for myself. but what happened is devil_jhin got banned because of karuya after I requested an account for myself. Karuya never get banned, but devil_jhin was banned I guess staff thinks that devil_jhin was a secondary account of karuya, although karuya joined after devil_jhin.

I got a screenshoot here of the message I sent to the staff who banned devil_jhin.

but I never got a response, I guess the reason why it is because it’s not my ban to appeal for it, I already told to devil_jhin to submit an appeal, if I am not mistaken he told me that he did, but i cant find at the forum. I keep on trying to convince him to appeal that ban to avoid any conflict like this on the future, but he told me that he’s busy at school right now and can’t back playing minecraft for the mean time.

and that makes me decide to continue playing on the server, because I can’t convince him to fix it by himself, so I take the risk and waited this day to come, to clarify everything.

I am sorry for my negligence, I should have inform you guys from the start about us, but I am afraid that no staff will take care of it unless if it’s a ban. So, I waited this day to come to clarify everything and hoping to fix it,

I am sorry,

That’s the wrong staff you pmed there. Both karuya and devil_jhin had been banned by tqti_. I’m also not sure tiffa was active anymore at that time.

It seems it’s quite a trend for you 3, to be very suspicious for account sharing. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll unban your account, since it’s active, and karyua and devil_jhin will stay banned. If they want to start playing again on the server (and not just log in once a month to not time out), all they have to do is make a request. Not a ban appeal, just a player request. Show this appeal if needed, I’ll also make sure the situation is known by other staff.