The Hunt for the Diving Helmets

Welcome to another trinket hunt in Factions world! This hunt involves exploring the oceans of the world, as the rewards are four trinket that let you stay underwater indefinitely.

Hunt details
Four Diving Helmets have been hidden in each quarter of the world as such:

  1. Each of them is in a chest underwater, with nothing else in the chest.
  2. The chests are below the sea level.
  3. Some are visible from the sky, some are not.
  4. You don’t need to break any block to reach the chests.

Note that unlike the hunt for the Invisibility Tunic, there can be factions and player structures near the chests.

To find the four trinkets, you have the following hints:

  1. The northwestern corals hide a deep dark secret.
  2. The wizards from the northeast have no idea that X marks the spot.
  3. In the southeast, two opposing waters meet.
  4. In the southwest, a very special atoll is forming.

Trinket description
The Diving Helmet is an iron helmet that can’t be repaired (at least for now). It works by preventing damage taken from drowning, that is, your air meter running out. Note that it does not protect you from suffocating (taking damage from being inside blocks).

Good luck hunting!


Found the Southwest Diving Helmet! ;D and officially first one to get it! \o/ :tada:


Southeast Diving Helmet found…

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Northwest down :3

I think im gonna leave the northeast one ,':I

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Maybe add another clue? Nobody seems to find the last helmet


@Astelon give some more specific clue man… I spend so many days to find the last one… Still no idea where the X marks. Just check whether anyone already found it or not, if not plz give some clue man, thanks.

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Idk if it has already been found or it’s still there… I’ve been looking in some potential locations but haven’t found anything


i might start huntin for the last helmet, wish me luck

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IM GOING TO FIND IT :fire::fire::fire:

go for it

nah i cant find it

In the spirit of Christmas, I added an amethyst trap containing an elder guardian in the last chest.


Oh man after lot of struggle finally found it… “2. The wizards from the northeast have no idea that X marks the spot.” - Northeast down… :relieved: now I sleep peacefully. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So where is it? Whats the wizard referencing to?

I shared in discord God… FYI

Dave also shared the location

What thread?