Syanni goofy ah quest

how to get this item? what item to start this quest?
also, how can i get Syanni lantern more? cus im struggle to get it

Basically just kill a bunch of mobs till quests drop. Lantern can drop from mobs iirc and it’s also quest reward. Shattered armor is quest reward. Both can also be traded using the gold nuggets coin

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if both items can be traded, how much price coins do i need for a shattered armor and lantern?

U can get Soul lantern by killing mobs, it will drop
another way will be exchange the Keros feather to Kaheda (he is in south ig) NPC

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The trader gives random stuff per 25 coins, from my experience you can get stuff like steak, pearls, coins, quests, shattered armors, minerals

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yea, ik. but still pain in ass without specific clue what mob that higher chance to drop it.

hmm, so its randomly dropped like piglin behavior? then i only just get coins as much as possible.

iirc 40 coins per stuff from coin smuggler

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Oh ye, i think 25 is Te’s coin or it was 15, not sure

I’m pretty certain that they all have the same drop rate

the trader was smuggler or other npc? cus i trade with smuggler was 40 coin per trade

Ye i think it is 40

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they need to increase drop rate of syanni lantern, kill 300+ mobs and get nothing of it,
cus its so important and nothing was exchanged with npc. it only for move to the syanni world.
i demand to be same rate as toilet paper or gideon wood (lol)

Quest spoiler, open at risk, or not because my memory is so shit so this might not be accurate


Theres a quest you can do with either the girl by the tree (which give the red nether vine) or the man at the foot of the volcano (which give lantern)


aelinor was the altered vines (nether vines)
there is 2 npc at the volcanoes place. the one is the npc for npc to took us to syanni kingdom and the other one is at the foot of the volcanoes but idk quest of this npc

btw Jacky wat can we do with this “altered vines”. Is this doable now?

Yes, the quest you give aelinor for altered vines can be given to the guy at the foot of the volcano for lantern

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It’s planned to be ticket to another place similar to the lantern


wow, thank you for this hell of brain rot. i was finding lantern so bad. i will try it later

edit: the npc name kaheda, but he didnt exchange the altered vines. keny said kaheda exchange a keross. but now i dont have keross. ill try it later

i will try this later