Stolen Blue Axolotl But Return

In-game name: Phantom _MC
What happened: Blue Axolotl
Coordinates (if applicable):2628 45 8095
Who you suspect and why:Butcher
Screenshots and evidence:

With the help of CandiGirl and ? How dose butcher have access to my doors I have denied access to all door many times to bestfaction on allied with them and they still have access to my door fix perm command pls there not working anyway axolotl has been returned to Candi and will be back in my inventory soon thanks butcher return it to Candi
I can see butcher access my door thru co inspect from mrcshop that’s how the got in to my faction this should not happen all perms have been revoked I have been told that butcher was breeding them. So I don’t know if they got another blue one out of it hide it so mite want to look in to it thanks

The cords from the SS of the door lead nowhere now, so if there was something there it’s no longer there. The cords you listed in the top of your post is literally filled by stone lmao. Never the less, I found the logs of him clicking on doors at mrc shop like you said.

I have searched his stuff, I did not see that he has any more blue axolotls.

Here is why butcher still has door perms, while you removed perms for best faction itself, you did not remove it from Bestfaction-Leader and Bestfaction-Officer. Permissions are dumb.

Thanks for looking in to it I’ll try again to ture off perms it tells me it was done but they still do it

This is what it says on my end when I set perms I’ve done this command before

The command will not work that way. Any permission set true in any group that applies to that person will be taken as they have permission rather than the permission assigned to the person themselves. Basically permissions stack positively, but not negatively.

To remove butcher’s perms you need to remove it from bestfaction’s ranks itself.
Use the following to accomplish it:

/f perm set door BestFaction-Leader False
/f perm set door BestFaction-Officer False

Thanks I did those commands let’s see if that works now thanks for your time