Staff: PastelPainter

In-game name: RockShoot
Discord ID: AlbinoBoat91539#0567
Ban Reason: hacked client?
Plead: inocent
Reason for pleading: I was not the one playing on the sever, it was my little brother. IDK what he did, but pls do tell. he opened my PC last night while I was sleeping, I had no idea he did it untill I saw the message saying I got banned for using hacked clients so I started to look for files that are new to the downloads folder and saw wurst client, I’ve reamoved the files from my PC. My PC doesn’t have a password so added one. if you’re wondering how he loged in,
because he know my most common password which is my phone number, I will change my mythic password that he will never know. I know account sharing is not allowed and I’m very sorry, it will never happen again
Apology: I’m sorry if my acc caused trouble in your server, I hope he didn’t destroy anything in the server or caused trouble to others

So, you’re telling me that this is not you?

Let’s say that I believe your “Oh my god my brother was on my account” story just for a moment. You’re still not completely innocent.
Once you have registered you have read the rules and agreed to them, you should know that sharing your account is not allowed and therefore anything that happens with it is your responsibility. It’s your fault for not having a strong password or at least a password your brother is not familiar with.

Another thing I do not get. Yesterday when HotLava03 was talking to you:

[W]|[Admin]|[HotLava03] and a page you definitely didn't read
[W]|[RockShoot] I did
[W]|[Admin]|[HotLava03] well then you sorta ignored it then
[W]|[RockShoot] told you testing

You (or your brother, I still don’t believe that) mentioned you have in fact read the rules, which I assume happened on your registration date, which I really hope was you and not your brother. If your brother casually hopped onto your account… I’m quite shocked he went through the trouble of reading the rules, especially considering he was not the one to go through the registration process.
By the way, looking at the logs now… You and your brother talk very similarly.

Before we move on, I want you to list all of the rules you (or your brother) have broken. I want you to remember the video and the chat with us yesterday before saying anything that might put you in more trouble.
Also, being honest will really help you during this ban appeal, just a piece of advice. And if you believe you can prove it was your brother and not you, go ahead but until then, I don’t really believe you.

he said, he used a hacked client to test servers. IDK what he meant by that.

when I first joined the server it says to read the rules so I did, I forgot some of them but I still remember the most important rules like, no cheating or hacking, no swearing, no begging, no lying, no griefing and a few more! I have never been banned in a server before, this is actually the first time I got banned and IDK if I can be unbanned but I’ve learned my lesson… I guess I’m going back to single player

based on the video, the rules I think he broke are:

no cheating
be honest or no lying
but maybe there’s more, I just don’t know what he really did in the server

IDK how to prove that it wasn’t me but if you still don’t believe me… it’s fine
It’s all my fault anyway, I should have secured my account and added a password on my pc but it’s too late now…

I don’t know whether or not I should believe you, this all sounds sketchy…

However, I want to give you another chance. So, I am tempbanning you for two days, after that you’re welcome to join the server again.
If I or another staff find you hacking or account sharing or generally breaking any other rule, it’s over.


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