In the name of the game: MA_ninja2908
Discord ID: MA_ninja2908 # 0203
Prohibition reason: X-rays
Supplication: guilty
Reason for the plea: I would like to return to play in the mythical
Excuses: Hi I am MA_ninja2908 I have been banned for x-ray which was true I want to apologize and although I know that most likely I will not have another schan and I will not go back to the server I have to say thank you because you made me spend beautiful days on your server and I want to tell you in good luck

You know the rules, you were banned previously before for afk fishing farm, and you were told to read through the rules, yet you still decided to use x-ray? Why, did you think we would not find out? Or did you not read the rules properly? I am sure that you read the rules.

I had read the rules but I had decided to use x-rays because since I have been playing this server for a long time I wanted to ask myself a little rich when see players with armor with mending.

Do you think cheating is a good idea, just so you can get ahead of other people who have worked hard and played for long periods? You did it before using afk fish farms, and now again, instead of spending time playing.
I assure you we can detect cheats easily, no matter what cheat it is or how intelligently you use it. Why should I give you a second chance?
Answer these two questions.

I know I was wrong and even so much I know I have no excuses because I didn’t have to do it i won’t fool you excuse me.I would like a second chance to improve myself and not be so selfish anymore.excuse me

How long have you been using x-ray?

i have used x ray for 2 days

Is thasupreme your friend? Both of you were x-raying together, did you both think it would be fun to x-ray, get netherite, use and sell it, and get rich by cheating?

Yes, he’s a friend of mine … We’ve been wrong too much

Well, he will have to appeal separately. Do you have anything else to say?

I would like to ask what will become of me

I am really sorry ibu2awesome for everything I have caused. You can take away my items I have xrayed and my money but please don’t ban me permanently. I really love playing on your server and I don’t want to get ban permanently. I will never let this happen again. I will pay much better attention to the rules … Thank you for your time.

I am sorry for using x-ray. I’ll not use it again I promise. I will pay much better attention to the rules

Have you gone through the rules properly? Go through them then answer these questions:

  • Is it allowed to advertise your own Minecraft server on Mythic?
  • Is it allowed to use a redstone clock without a switch?
  • What is the maximum number of animals that can be kept in a faction?
  • Give 2-3 examples of mods which give you an unfair advantage and are banned from the server.

So that I know you have read the rules properly. After that I may consider unbanning you.

Yes ibu2awesome I have gone through the rules. I am sorry for the late reply as I am very busy with school.

  1. Advertising other servers are not allowed but mentioning just their name is ok
  2. Redstone clocks must have an on/off switch.
  3. No more than 50 animals per faction. No more than 8 pets per player.
  4. Hacks like kill-aura, auto-mine, xray, auto clicker is not allowed on the server as it gives you an unfair advantage.

Okay, I will unban you now since you have re-read the rules, and so far you have been cooperative.

You will obviously need to remove x-ray mod/resource pack and not use it again. Since you have used x-ray, I am removing all your items that have been falsely obtained or could have been falsely obtained.

If you use cheats again, you will most likely NOT be unbanned, this is a last chance, so do not attempt to use cheats again. It is very easy to detect every type of cheat, so don’t try use any cheat again unless you want to be banned. You have read the rules and you know what cheats are not allowed.