Sorry ibu im wrong

In-game name: thasupreme
Discord ID: valibimbo1#6335
Ban Reason: x-ray
Plead: Guilty
hi i’m thasupreme, you banned me long ago for using x-ray which is true. i learned my lesson in this long time span and i want to ask you another chance even if i was wrong. ray because I was tired of not getting results even though I was doing a lot, but when I realized that what I was doing was wrong it was already too late, I learned my lesson.

So let us start with your appeal.

Have you gone over the rules at

Do you realise that cheating at a game is unfair to everyone who is playing fairly to get netherite, and using x-ray just defeats the point of playing the game?

I realized my mistake

u can sban me pls

You will have to put more effort into your appeal (even if you don’t know English) like ma_ninja did if you want to be unbanned. I don’t want to unban you just so you x-ray again and don’t follow the rules.

ok ibu2 what i can

Reply to my question properly

yes I read the tricks and I know I was wrong

We can detect cheats very easily, be it of any type. Answer the following questions after reading the rules:

  • How long have you been using X-ray?
  • Is it allowed to make flying machines?
  • Is it allowed to pretend to be a member of the staff team?
  • How many guardian farms can a faction claim?
  • Are kill aura and other cheat mods allowed?