Someone has killed my animals

In-game name: Juliancito
What happened: Just went online this morning. All my pets that I had in my plot disappeared. I had 1 dog, 1 skeleton horse and 6 cats. My plot is plot is surrounded by water and the entrance is locked with a private sign, so they probably got shot with a bow from a certain distance. One of my cats was literally more than a year old, I had him since August 2020. Artonelico is located very far from spawn in the middle of nowhere. No mainland, just ocean everywhere; so I think it has to be one of our faction members.

Coordinates (if applicable): -7012 64 1827 (near /warp goldenslime)

Who you suspect and why: Rudie, one of our new members, who joined artonelico just a week ago. He has been acting very toxic, strange and suspicious all day.
-I tp’ed him to my plot. Instead of helping me, he just said a mere “hehe” and went back to his plot.
-A few minutes later, hi invited me to visit his house. The staircase to the second floor was a deathtrap. He went to my death location and stole me everything. I told him to return all my items, but he started to ignore me. After a few minutes, he returned me some items. A lot of items were missing. Minutes later he returned all my inventory.
-Later he invited me again to his plot, but I refused. I pm’d him saying deathtraps, trolling and killing players in factions is not allowed and not to do it again, because if not I’ll kick him out of my fac and report. He replied “don’t tell me what to do, i can kill and do whatever i want”
-I asked him directly if he was the murderer of my pets. He told me to ask that to Joe Mama.
-Was having a walk around the faction. I casually passed next to Rudie’s house. He was hiding behind a chest and shot me a fire arrow. He told me he was going to kill me, and he started to spam and insult me in global chat.

Full screenshot gallery:

P.S.: Rudie already got banned while I was writing this ticket.

Rolled back the pets and skeleton horse he killed.