Someone framed me for killing Hea's mobs

In-game name: Airborne_
What happened: So, someone framed me of killing/stealing HeaHea2308’s pets/mobs, which I never came to his/her home, I don’t even know this guy, I’m reporting because I’m being framed, please check the logs.
Coordinates (if applicable): -76 56 3918, (can also be seen from the screenshots)
Who you suspect and why: I don’t know but I suspect it might be someone from Solaris, because the signs says “Ye claimed a ours here ye”, I suspect that the message means “you claimed our land” or something like that, the 4th screenshot says that Hea’s fac was near Solaris.
Screenshots and evidence:

grabs popcorn

Was Abdo_jr_16. Rolled back the damage and banned for a week. Fun thing, the middle sign is missing paid.