Skin making contest for Mr.Wack

Hey everyone, a good friend of mine gave me premium and being a talented artist, I have no idea what to draw for my first and very own skin. So I hope Mythic has plenty of artist ready to show off their skill on a blank canvas for a 200k + a stack of dime as the reward and if the skin reaches my expectation, you will receive a mending as well

What I have in mind:

  • Something wacky
  • I love cat :3

The rules are simple:

  • Submit as many skin as you want
  • You can use inspiration from everywhere, but the skin must be unique
  • Need to be easily customized for event but still keep it character (people should still recognize me when im wearing a hat for chrismas or a suit for wedding…)
  • Deadline is 1 week from now (23rd of November) but I can always extend it if you need a bit more time to finish

Here is my temporary skin (literally a blank canvas :v)
Thanks for participating, I hope y’all have fun :smiley:

Nyan Cat

HD 2x Resolution version

human or non human ?

Has to be a player skin I think

You can submit as many skin you want so I would like to see your takes on both :3

Deadline extended due to someone still need more time to finish

aaa thank you

i might submit all my skin in 1 hour so yea
this is my final submissions teh inverted skins are now fixed and the above links are good to test your skins jacky

First of all, I want to say thanks to all participants (@Juliancito and @munazzam) who put their effort into the skins, they are all amazing, however none of them meet my expectation, I can only blame myself because even I can’t quite picture what I would want. Fortunately, there were only 2 who wasted their effort on this so I will send you each 50k as an apologize (Money will be sent whenever I have time to play).
Once again thanks for joining and have a good day