Skeleton horse gone

In-game name: Juliancito

What happened: I had a skeleton horse named Dinnerbone in my plot, but he has been missing for a few days. At first I thought he escaped so I’ve been searching for it all around the faction but haven’t found it, so I’ve finally decided to make a report. I actually don’t care too much, I can just find another one. But I’d like to know what happened to my horse. Btw I also noticed one of my chickens is missing.

Coordinates (if applicable): -7014 64 1828 (faction world)

Who you suspect and why: Gatttttttvto, one of our new members. While I was making this report, I realised he has already been banned, probably Darkpilot already reported him before me.

Screenshots and evidence:

welp, you should secure them properly… your pets were stolen, not killed. horses should be secured so they can’t leave if ridden.
i replaced the horse just this one time but that won’t happen again. make sure your pets are safe and secured