Shower Thoughts

How do we know if we are living in a simulation? Like what if someone from another reality simulated our own universe in their computer… thus making us (or rather our consciousness) a form of a simulated entity inside a computer…

Basically, these all point towards the question… “Are we real?”

one thing is for sure tho…

I’m a REAL piece of sh*t

I think all those "What if"s in shower. Like, what if I accepted to be a football player and abandoned my education after high school? Or what if I chose PCE? Could I be ready enough to mature that quickly to be able to stand on my feet then emigrate asap?

Then I start to think about my future plans- on which age what to do, potential future daily schedule, how much time I can give to gaming or minecraft etc.

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That’s deep bruh… quite surprised since it came from you XD

random thoughs i had

the existance of a simulation implies a creator. this question could be linked to various religions, involving all powerfull deity/deities who have created our universe. whether we live in a simulation is the modern day equivalent to whether higher powers have created our world

humanity has had exponental growth of computation power within the last ceuntry. it is possible simulations of the mind are possible in the next, and that humanity themelves would conduct similar simulations, with digital minds comparable to ours living in an artifical enviroment.

the fermi paradox compares the large driffrence between the theoretical amounts of extraterrestrial life that could exist, and the apparent lack of intelligent life humanity has encountered, or zero. it is possible that the simulation was created specifically so our world is the only world that exists with life.

how could such complex biological processes, global webs of ecosystems and concious minds have been created by chance in some primordial soup, unless it was a controlled and artifical process. this is a argument used commonly for evidence of a creator.

we are real inside our minds. from our perspective, continued conciousess means existance.

i think therefore i am

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or are you?..