Selling copies of World map

World Map

I am selling copies of an 8x8 map of all of factions. It has some biomes marked, and some factions that agreed. If you want your faction to be on the map then let me know

The price for a copy is 250k, non-negotiable. Willing to accept certain items as trade (limited to up to 125k unless mending/netherite).
I request you do not make a copy of the map

Reselling map arts is illegal and with this map, every copy is show as a green dot on it if it’s placed, making it extremely easy to check if someone has tried to resell it.

It comes with:

  • all 64 maps that make up the 8x8 map
  • 64 item frames
  • 3 shulkers


If you wish to see it in game, please let me know

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This is a Bump

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hooolllyyy crap

What is it ? I dont understand and whats the use of this? Can you please explain ?

Its used to make people pay attention to whats being sold

The world map has entered collectible state, it’s price has now risen to 250k.

I will be creating a new map for v3, at the same price of 200k. You may join the wait list if you wish