Selling Bedrock for 1 Billion?

Alright since the server has a low amount of players why won’t you guys or admins just advertise on selling bedrock for a billion? (also note that this bedrock can be placed wherever you want, no restrictions and if need be, double the amount when a player has bought a piece?)


  • This would spark curiosity behind the server leading to more people joining in and having fun.
  • This might even lead to buying v.i.p packs since they joined in.
  • Having this unique feature might set apart your server from all those basic and common servers


  • Random pieces of bedrock all over the place (this can be fixed by having the bedrock be on timer, like for example removing the bedrock until next year or when months have passed)

-Might be duped if admins don’t watch the guy 24/7 with the unbreakable block he has owned.

anyways this might set things off on account that the players on this server are peaceful and kind and helpful in many ways.

What the actualy fuck?

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just an idea though XD, if you think about it this is MORE useless than the polar bear mojang added and due to the amount of money needed to buy one, also someone grinding 1 billion for just a piece of bedrock though wouldn’t that be interesting??

  1. No one is ever getting 1 bil
  2. you can technically get “bedrock” already but not place it because of a trinket existing

Not unless your staff there is bedrock placed in factions the big bedrock building in the middle of nowhere lol

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that’s the point, i’d like to imagine people under constant stress over a simple bedrock placement XD

but tbh now that i think about it it’s kinda dumb adding this feature XD might take off this suggestion later tho

1 billion is a good price but there are obscene amounts of ppl who grief even with the timer