Sahara is recruiting! #ShopAtSahara

Sahara is recruiting!

If u want to join the only thing u need to do is
/f join sahara
Ask Tan#9757 , Kingyyy#7222 or Thegreatwar_#1109 for a room or plot of ur choice!

We offer much things in the faction!

  • Darkroom
  • Villager breeder farm
  • Spider farm
  • Mooshroom farm
  • Kelp farm
  • Guardian farm
  • Slime farm
  • Bee farm
  • Sugar cane farm
  • Flower farm
  • Iron golem farm
  • Silverfish farm
  • Cactus farm

Are u interested but do u have a few questions for us?
Don’t be shy to ask tan, war or me for more information about the faction! More input and ideas are welcome too!

Join the nice and safe area at our /f home with beacon effects surrounding so that you can easily move around!

Also, don’t forget that /warp sahara exists! We sell almost everything as possible! #ShopAtSahara

Your friendly neighborhood sahara co-leader


am I going blind or is there “sahaaa” written there? :rofl:

jk, imma blind ig

Sahara is currently Not recruiting. Maybe in the future we will recruit again :smiley:

Hi Kingyyy, why Sahara shop not available, “/warp sahara” spawn point have big gap, I fell down while spawning twice :face_with_head_bandage: and confused for a while… whether the spawn place is rt or not… :sweat_smile:
Is that shop is under construction???

The shop is having a minor move, but the warp hasn’t been moved yet… I’ll tell war to move it.

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Okay, thanks for the update.

wow the old shop i need a world download of it
it whas the first shop i have ever gone to

Im not sure what good a world download would do you at this point, but world dowoad mods are illegal on the server

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i liked the old shop, thats all i whod do it a house in my server