Safezone road edit

I’d like to change a small part on the sea bridge for connecting it to my Factions base, otherwise requesting for a road completion for the place.
COORD: x: -671 z: 132

This SafeZone edit is to a bridge and it looks really off…

I honestly don’t think this looks good, and if others request edits and we have a lot of these, it will really ruin the aesthetic of the bridge. Reply when you see this in case if you have something else in mind but as it is it really does not look nice. I can make it easy to walk onto the bridge by extending it a bit into safezone but as for connecting it to the bridge well it really doesn’t look nice.

ok, i will change my bridge, straighten it and make it with black wool, glowstone and light blue stained glass, removing everything else so it looks as nice as possible

I honestly don’t think editing the bridge to join to your fac is a good idea since others will also request this SafeZone edit and it really makes the bridge look aesthetically bad if other facs decide to build their facs on the water and ask to join their facs to the bridge.