Safezone road edit request

In game name: Dzenan2001
Request: Further rebuild of safezone road
First position coordinates: X. 55, Y:67, Z: -1646
Second position coordinates: X. 55, Y. 74, Z: -4223
Reason: The safezone road ends in the desert at coords x: 55, Y: 67, Z: -1646. From the end of the road, there is a long yellow wool line and under the first wool block it says “Lines are cringe”. -HotLava03. It goes above desert, sea and a forest where the safezone ends after walking for cca 10 irl mins (X. 55 Y. 74 Z. -4223). I was thinking of requesting for rebuilding road further into the safezone part. If nothing, I can get needed items for the road and give it to one of admins/moderators or someone else who has permission for the reconstruction.

The road project for the current Factions world has been cancelled for reasons I don’t need to mention.

I appreciate your offer to help, but it’s simply not worth the effort.

Closing this.