Rude and toxic behavior, insulting another player in chat, false accusing others of hacking -Iven

In-game name: Juliancito
What happened: Toxic player who can’t take a loss
Where: Games server
Screenshots and evidence:


Not the first time. This already happened before, but I don’t have any screenshots. Since I won him in an 1v1 paintball match, he is always calling me toxic player, hacker, and shotgun spammer. I’m just good at pb, can he just stop crying? Actually, being so good that players start to false accuse you of hacking is the best compliment a gamer can ever get. Probably just a little kid who got mad because he lost, I don’t think a ban is necessary. Maybe leave him a warn, temp-mute him, or have a chat with him.

Note that I already warned him based on these screenshots. Do report him next time he’s toxic like this, instead of just sending the screenshots to multimedia in discord.