[RFC] Games server economy rework

Rationale: Games server is fairly disconnected from Factions game play wise, there’s little integration between the two. Mines server is the most popular way to earn money and it’s extremely grindy. This proposal is to make Games an alternate source of in-game money for players to earn. We have Mob Arena, Paintball, Spleef, Murder Mystery, Chess and eventually Bedwars and Parkour, but we have not implemented a way to earn money on par with what Mines earns without needing to grind inside a game what are we here for this sounds like fking school lol


  • All games will have a unified currency i.e. no more WinTatoes, Paintball coins or any other game-specific currency, instead they will all be merged into “coins” (yes, the ProCosmetics ones).
  • The reasoning behind reusing ProCosmetics coin system is that it has a similar purpose i.e. to purchase cosmetics, reusing them will reduce confusion and it’s a fully controlled parallel economy we can modify as we wish.
  • Development perspective: A plugin called MythicCoins will be written that wraps ProCosmetics with a stable API.
  • All games will reward a significant amount of IGM in addition to some coins and possibly a small amount of physical items.
  • At least 90% of the rewards for any game activity will be in IGM. This gives the player the choice to use their money on Factions items or else buy coins indirectly through the MythicMC store (using treasure chests).
  • Coins can be used for purchasing game cosmetics in a future /gamecos, collectible items previously sold by the WinTato Trader and of course the existing ProCosmetics.
  • Existing Paintball coins and hats can be traded in for coins via a new mechanism.
  • Existing LoseTatoes/WinTatoes can be traded in for coins through the WinTato trader.
  • Coins can be obtained via games as mentioned above, or else by purchasing treasure chests through the store. Treasure chests will be reworked to be less gamble-y and more straightforward.


  • The implementation needs to be discussed on development side with respect to the entire idea. This is not an issue though.
  • We will need to rework ProCosmetics and all minigames configs towards the new reward system.

Finalised by: 24th October, 2021


I believe a lot of players don’t like the idea of wintatoes getting removed. cuz…

  • They’re already a good source of income, way better than any minigame’s reward rn
  • People like to collect wintatoes rather than those cos coins.
  • They’ve been a part of FIL since TE and it feels really good having them.
  • They’re a good source of food too. I like the Cooked ones

You can have Cos rewards alongside with wintatoes or let the trader trade them for cos coins without having to make wintatoes unobtainable.


I have an idea but not sure if it’s possible
Beside cosmetic coin amount that you can see by pressing Tab, we should have physical coin for each game
Why? If wintatoes and losetatoes are getting removed, players would need something else to show off to their friends, to hang on a wall or to put it in your head using /hat (Vip perk, buy vip at https://store.mythicmc.org/) etc…
Here are my ideas for the coins:

  • Enchanted bucket of lava with lore for FIL
  • Enchanted snowball with lore for Paintball
  • Enchanted bed with lore for Bedwars
  • Enchanted rabbit’s foot with lore for Parkour
  • Enchanted redstone dust with lore for Murder Mystery (represent blood of course)
  • Enchanted sword with lore (any kind) for Mob Arena
  • Enchanted golden helmet with lore for Chess (represent a crown since you took their king to win)
    How? We would need a way to cash-in the coin, here are my ideas:
  • You can exchange the coins with an NPC who works like the wintatoes trader
  • Have a command like /coins to: - Cash-in all the coin you are holding
    - Or open a hud which tell you the value of each coin (If the coins have different value, i reckon FIL, Paintball and Bedwars’ coins should be higher than Mob Arena, Chess’ coin in value) and you will press each coin that’s shown on the hud to cash-in as long as you have the coin in your inventory
    Thanks for reading my idea, have a nice day!
  • The entire point is to replace them with much better rewards so you don’t have to mine all the time. This proposal aims to put the amount of money you make out of FIL to the amount of money you make out of mines e.g. like the 4k paintball handouts for playing 10 minutes. Wintatoes and losetatoes don’t even come close.
  • “oh no my wintatoes they look cool”
  • “oh no my wintatoes they look cool”
  • No, they’re not. Use rotten flesh.

Maybe they will stick around in some form e.g. buy them using coins, owing to the second and third point, but else no.

Show off the cosmetics and items you buy with your coins? As I said above, maybe we will keep around wintatoes you can buy with coins but else here’s why this is a bad idea.

Wintatoes are problematic, you have already seen the problem with having to “fix” wintatoes just cause of a Minecraft version upgrade, and this would make problems like these worse. Under this proposal, everything is getting merged into a single coin. You don’t have to deal with physical coins. Why do we need 5 different types of currencies all with different types of values? Instead we can just have a single virtual currency i.e. coins which everyone can use. If you want to show off stuff you can show off your coins balance, items you purchase from the coin trader, reward items from games like mob arena, cosmetics you purchased and so on.