Request to not be banned

Hi my name is JackyWack and yes you read the title right, I’m here because I want to do something illegal without getting myself banned.
As you all know, the test when you register has been released pretty long ago but not long enough, so unfortunately me and many other old players don’t have the chance to try it.
Today I will be brave enough to request a second account (JackyWack1) for myself to do the test.
I promised to use this account for the test only, If staff see me use it for any other stuff I will take all the punishment.
Hope you will accept my request and fulfill my dream. Have a nice day!

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Don’t create this account, there is no need to try the test yourself. If you want details on how it works then talk to staff on Discord, I do not want people making these requests and cluttering up our system with alts just to try the test.