Request permission to log in to the new IP and register new players through this forum acct

I don’t know what the title should be for the specific request that I’ll ask…

Staff said I should create a post here in the forums for this so yeah

I just moved in to my dorm and I haven’t logged in the game yet. Basically, I want to inform ya’ll (the staff) before I log into the new IP/internet connection (which has a high chance that somebody has already created an account in)

Also, in the event that I recruit new players into the server, can I just use my account (this forum acct) to request them an account on the server? (just so they don’t get overwhelmed or forced into doing some extra steps just to check out and try the server)

and if they decided they liked it, then that’s when I’ll have them create an account here (in the forums) and join the discord.

I can also urge them to join the discord server first (and still use this forum acct to request and account on the server) then urge them to create an acct here in the forums if they decided to play more.

edit: now that I’m reading this aloud, the 2nd request sounds a bit shady and stuff…

so an alternate proposal I have is to just let them (the new recruits) request an account thru discord then I’ll personally urge them to create accounts here in the forums when they decided to play further.

As for your first statement, I remember that I told you to create a forum post, if only there are other players already registered to our server on your network. I know you are talking about possibility right now, and thanks for informing us and clarifying that you can join on the server without breaking a rule by asking both through Discord and now on here. As long as you are being the only player on your network and have only one account, changing your location, internet connection, ISP, house, town, city or even your country won’t matter. Though it’s never bad to inform and ask. As for the other statement, if that situation or similar situation happens, your friend(s) will have to create their forums account, request an account for themselves. If we are talking about more than 1 person requesting an account(because you are in a dorm and this might happen) they’ll have to include all of the accounts on this list,
Players names on your IP (list them all):
First person requesting an account should list only your name, 2nd person requesting should list your and 1st person’s name etc. In short, all previously registered accounts. It’s not possible for you to request an account for them if there isn’t any special condition such as them being too young and not understanding slightest bit of the process. I don’t think that this process needs advanced English etc. or is too hard to accomplish. So I’m assuming there isn’t any special condition here. There are many examples of this type of requests on our forums and as you know, it isn’t that hard or time consuming and they are really short to type. You can help them too, but this shouldn’t go further than telling what they should type, showing examples, telling which forums section do they type this type of requests and teaching how do they register to the forums. Forums account is always needed and suggested from the moment you join the server because all official requests are done from here since forums are back up. Our Discord server is also a nice place to get help and ask questions like you did in help channel previously. We can still accept tiny requests and short questions through tickets, but if there is something which needs to be archived and must kept at somewhere, Discord isn’t really a good preference for us. Tickets were a temporary solution during the times forums were absent, as you know.
In conclusion, if that situation happens, they should create forums accounts and request an account to play with a person(in this case it’s you) who is on the same network with them under Player Requests section. You and your friends shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions if you’ll have doubts or stuck at somewhere, we’re always here to help.

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Thanks, much appreciated \o/