Request name change

In-game name: _404

New name: FarmerMax23

Reason: So…I’ve played Mc for several years on the good old Titan Launcher I once copied from one school pc onto my usb stick. Even after Team Extrem closed I kept playing on MythicMc under the name _404. But for some reason I can’t explain I decided to legally purchase Mc once and for all.
But little did I know, that after installing it, I wasn’t able to log in with the _404 account. So I now play under the new name FarmerMax23 since today. (27. March 2021)
A friend told me that I should request a name change from _404 to FarmerMax23, so I won’t get into any trouble or cause confusion.

I hope I explained it well enough and that you could do something about it! Anyways, thanks for listening and have a great time! ^^

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I have transferred all your stuff in facs, survival, and noted the change, thanks for making the topic to inform us about the name change (as otherwise you can be mistakenly banned).

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