Request Change Name

In-game name: Lonsyrist
New name: Ashtria
Reason (explain in detail): I was playing to a premium server and I wanted to pretend to be an egirl so I decided to change it with a girlish name and I chose the Ashtria. I know the reason of this is pretty weird but please do accept this as I changed it on official minecraft and I needed to change it after a month and I don’t wanna be inactive to the server of that long period of time. Also change my discord name to this ign and if possible don’t put the changed name on Lonsyrist ban message :smiley: . I hope its clear. Have a nice day!

I would like to bump :))

Are you planning on changing your name back to Lonsyrist within the next month or are you keeping the name?

Hi thanks for replying, nope, I’d keep the name.

Bumping this request :))

I genuinely cannot believe I am helping out someone pretend to be an egirl. I am going to hell for this. /j

ANYWAYS, your login credentials will stay the same. I will need you to join the faction world, so that I may place you in your current faction. Other than that, if there is anything missing, please do not hesitate to ask me.

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