[!] recruitment [!] DragonTech is recruiting

From the dead! DT is back once again.
Started in December 2019, and remade in early 2020, its one of the oldest factions on Mythic.
Also Mythic’s first theme park/resort.

We have:
:1 Skelly farm, /w auto item collection.
:2 zombie farms, 1 converted to drown for XP.
:1 cave spider farm.
:a decent pigman farm.
:a lovely park which doubles as a honey/bee farm.
:2 roller coasters.
:a mall. /warp dtm
:a gfarm (still being built). /warp dtg
:a semi-automatic rail system.
:a sewer system for item disposal - lost items can be got back.
:semi-automatic farms.
:redstone powered faction-wide lighting system.
:directly allied with b3city.
:a private animal farm.
:a private food farm.

We give out standard 1 and 2-chunk plots, but each comes with:

:a farm-activation signal, if you have a private farm, it can be activated with the faction’s faction-wide farm activation signal.
:a sewer item/trash drop location at each plot entrance.
:requests are available for redstone lighting controlled by the road lighting system.
:we allow any building style.
:basements and skyscrapers are allowed.
:can chose your spot, provided its not already taken or faction-owned/'historic"

Members get 2 free stalls at the faction’s mall, on floors 2&4.
We do have some faction projects going on, you can help with them you want.
Flags are open - can join anytime, self-invited members need to wait for leader/officers to come online to get your spot