Rainbow Sheep Head Auction

Items: Rainbow Sheep Head

Starting price: None.
Minimum bid requirement: None.
Buyout price: None.
Duration time: Feb 25, 2023 12:00 PM GMT+3(noon)

I reserve all the rights to cancel the auction.

60k colored cash

I hope I got this auction thing figured out… $100k

There is no minimum bid requirement, u could bid like 70k (even 60,001$ works) in hope that no one bid higher, so u get that head for cheaper than expected
Since I’m already here, 101k

@allox Please be more careful while bidding to auctions. Do not edit your bid after you bid and make sure you have enough balance before bidding that balance, thanks for your understanding.

Ok… I’ll bid $200k Please don’t cancel the auction

210K from my side

$250k is my new UpBid on the Rainbow Sheep Head

Both last 2 bids are late, I choose to cancel this auction.