Plz help for staff

hello staff i was in the void but not die my name id Coucoutethe2 in game i can’t /exit or /spawn i can’t moove plz tp me in the spawn

You logout spot isn’t in the void, your internet is probably bad causing you to fall into the void visually due to the blocks taking a while to load, but your not actually falling into it since the server is still calculating your location properly.

I can’t move you to spawn while your logged out. But your logout spot is safe and you won’t die.
Also if you type a command immediately after you login it’ll likely still go through even if your internet is bad, so /exit might work if you type it fast enough, wait about 10 seconds and then relog.

if i login u can moove for the spawn?

Yes i can.

ok i m go to connect
im Coucouthe22 and i m in survival server


i m online can u tp for the spawn?

ty you are a god!

ty very much