Please remove my old account on the server

My account is DeviousGod (in the server) and i’m requesting for an account removal since i forgot the password, but i have made a new one and i prefer the new account than the old one, my apologies since i’m still new to the server, the issue was on my old account was it was locked and i had forgotten the password and thought it would be too much of a hassle on trying the password again and again and i had just recently used a newer launcher to customize my skin, i am very interested in playing and joining this server i know i broke the rules on this one but on my old account i cannot change or customize the skin so i would kindly appreciate on removing my old account “DeviousGod” thank you for reading this and i will and in my most sincerest way of graditude to not make this mistake again.

EDIT: The new account that i prefer using is “BananaMotE” please don’t ban this one and instead remove the old one

It’s fine this time, but in future please request a password reset or name change on the forums.

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