Playing in the same Network but on Diffrent PC`s

Playing in the same Network but on Different PC`s Me and my Roommate wanted to play together on this server but he already register himself and now i cant do so anymore and i hope that someone can help me so we can play together.

Username of your roommate, please?

N4d3l is his name

I don’t see a user who has nickname as Krebsi, your full username please?

Also, what you guys normally had to do was, the person who registered latest, which is your friend N4d3l should’ve made a request in the following format:

Requested name:
Players names on your IP (list them all):

Example on how your friend had to do it:

Requested name : N4d3l
Reason: I want to play with my roommate which is on the same IP with me.
Players names on your IP (list them all): *here would be your username* or if you did have more roommates that were already registered, their name too.``

Upon the request, staff registers the account. But since your friend already created the account, I’ll take the necessary informations and allow you two to play on the server. But if another person which is on the same network with you decides to play with you, this is the format/process they’ve to follow.

thanks for the accurate help but i meant to say that he is already on the server and i have the problem that i cant register

Hmm I see. Then okay, we have to register you. Please tell which username you want to use so we can move forward.

I would like to use Krebsi and thank you

Account was registered. If you use, we need your Discord ID so we can direct your password through there.