Permanent ban for unfair advantage in survival

Console ban-unfair advantage-I_see_dead_ppl_ and eldar

In-game name: I_see_dead_ppl and also eldar
Discord ID:
Ban Reason: Unfair advantage
Plead: Not sure
Reason for pleading:We both were banned for using a nether highway portal to stronghold.Didnt know using portal to stronghold (not made by us btw) was an unfair advantage and was bannable. I think that was the reason, happened right after going thru it.
Apology: Sorry, let us get back to our survival base, please.

Tell Eldar to make their own ban appeal

Eldar is 9 he doesent have email, or any social media account, his english isnt good enought to ban appeal for himself yet. He is my son btw, we play together on this server. Not sure whats the unfair advantage thing about, if we are doing anything wrong please tell me and I will fix it. He glitched thru ground and died after exiting the portal, I went back to pick his stuff back and same happened to me and we both got banned.

Thank you for ban removal.
I think there is a bug in the game, joined back again and tried to go mining and died same way as before, this time I didnt use any portals, digging underground under lvl 0 made me glitch thru floor and die, died 3 times trying to get my stuff again.Weird stuff is happening.